Energy saving and control of goods

Logistic Company’s environment are equipped with photovoltaic systems.

  • isolated and insulated storehouses
  • special refrigeration systems

Logistic company

Control of the goods at Logistic Company? Your products are safe and constantly monitored


  The temperature in the storehouses is controlled by a set of devices that abide by the highest standards for the storage of goods.
Thanks to the AIFA certification, the ideal conditions of the storehouses allow the separation of 2/8°C and 8/25°C temperatures.
These conditions allow to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry offering customized solutions. Logistic Company relies exclusively on qualified and trained staff to fulfill the most demanding requests of the pharmaceutical industry.
The great added value that is applied to the handling of goods is given by
  • pharmaceutical storehouses at controlled and monitored temperature
  • skilled and qualified staff
  • highest standards for the storage of handled goods
  • traceability of batches
  • mapped refrigerated cells
  • remote control of the state of the cells