Pharmaceutical division

Logistic Company is the second AIFA authorized storehouse in Italy


Logistic Company is an AIFA authorized firm

  • Storage of pharmaceutically active ingredients (APIs) in state of quarantine
  • labeling management for change of state
  • storage and authorization to distribution into the pharmaceutical product market
  • authorized activity in the whole of Europe


The constant effort and the storage features of Logistic Company make it possible to handle goods that belong to the following industries:

  • pharmaceutical

  • chemical


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A.I.F.A. authorization

Authorization A.S.L. Lombardy

Top of our service

Our clients are very important for us. We care for every one of them the top of our attention.
Flexibility is one of our plus and we connect with our clients using it constanctly. 


Inside our company we have a dedicated security

  • • intrusion detection - The area is equipped with video control on h24/24
  • • smoke detection
  • • fire detection

Energy saving

The area is equipped with photovoltaic systems. These conditions ensure total autonomy and constant service

  • • warehouses isolated and insulated
  • • special refrigeration systems