Protection systems

The security systems within Logistic Company’s perimeter are based on strict criteria regarding:

  • intrusion detection – The area is equipped with 24/7 video surveillance
  • smoke detection
  • fire detection


Logistic company

Logistic Company is equipped with integrated video camera systems. Constant recording of movements and control of intrusion into storage areas.

Logistic Company is equipped with a set of integrated video cameras. The video surveillance system detects, even through a constant recording of image movements, eventual intrusions into storage areas.

During operating hours in the storehouses, video cameras transfer the recordings to the detection systems and during idle hours, the service is additionally covered by external surveillance.
Logistic Company is equipped with a system that controls access in order to distinguish internal staff movements from external users of its rooms.
Internally, fire detection control takes place through smoke and temperature detection systems. Fire extinguishing devices comply with current laws.